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Six Pack Abs Diet Review – 3 Features You Didn’t Really Know About the Six Pack Abs Diet

If you are interested in getting Six Pack Abs, you may have heard chatter about the Six Pack abs after Diet. I can almost guarantee you haven’t heard everything though. In fact, if you read the rest of this review, you’ll discover three features almost overlooked and nobody is talking about…yet…


The following is a list of six pack abs diet protein sources: salmon, almonds, turkey, cottage cheese, eggs and chicken. Protein has a greater thermic effect (the amount of calories lost in consumption) than do carbohydrates or fat. Protein is a building block for creating and maintaining lean muscle, lean muscle being a prerequisite for a fast metabolism. Egg whites are convenient and cost effective food, a worthy six pack abs diet food. Since many people today have been burdened by the falling economy, this is the greatest idea since the hen that laid the golden egg. Tuna, also, is a cost effective form of protein; a side benefit is the presence of omega 3 fatty acid, which helps the brain. The neurotoxin mercury is contained in tuna meat, so moderation is advised.


The following is a list of six pack abs diet, carbohydrate sources: fruits, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates such as wheat grains, brown rice and oatmeal. The natural world has created fruits and vegetables, which no surprise, contain natural sugars, water, fiber and vitamins and minerals. A six pack abs diet food, consuming a banana can gear up your energy levels before, during and after a workout. Complex carbohydrates have the capacity to absorb blood sugars that would otherwise turn into body fat. Fiber can be found in most all carbohydrate rich foods. Sugar and white bread contain little fiber, but do contain simple carbohydrates, of which are most likely destined to become fat. An acceptable rule of thumb for carbohydrate consumption is that for every ten grams of carbohydrates eaten, so should three grams of fiber.


The following is a list of six pack abs diet, fat sources: fish, seeds, nuts, fruits, avocados, seeds, almonds, coconuts, olives, peanut butter, coconut oil, olive oil and vegetable oil. Fish, coconut oil, vegetable oil and almonds are a non-protein method of obtaining omega 3 fatty acids. There are some common misconceptions about six pack abs diet fat which should be addressed. It is imperative you do not remove good fats; good fats are necessary to health and fitness. Consuming quality fats do not lead to weight gain, regardless of the opinions of others. Fats provide a balance between the production of hormones and muscle creation. As a matter of fact, removing good fats makes the process of weight loss that much more difficult.